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I am a working DOP, filming many different types of projects around the United States. I work with Directors and Producers and help execute there vision. I own my own cameras, and all of my own lighting, grip, and trucks. I have a one stop rental house called " 4k Cine"
Reconizing technology has completely changed the production business, I decided to help myself by designing and building my own LED Lighting line of lights called Zabolight. In the process I also decided to put my product out on the sales market and, I am happy to say the lights are now used all over the country by many DOP and gaffers just like me.

My main goals are to develope my Brand and Style. I am focused on using technology to create a better product, a better visual, and to do it more efficient. We work in a field that is budget minded so we must find ways to work efficiently with high resolution cameras and high tech lighting, that's where I come in to help make a dream into a reality.

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    Zabo Lighting
Zabolight is a manufacturer of LED lighting for television, photography,and studio lighting. Our goal is to create lights that are easy to use, multi functional and efficient.
4kcine is a Production Equipment Rental House. We are one stop shop carrying Cameras, Grip Trucks, Lighting, Generators, and Support Crew. We are family owned and care about our customers.

Zabo Lighting provides gear and personel for the televison industry. Lighting for live televised events, lighting for studios, sales, consulting, and installations.

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